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About Us

The Southwestern Hills Neighborhood Association (SWHNA) was officially recognized by the City of Des Moines on 11/7/1994. Local residents took action to initiate the association to enhance the opportunity to dialogue with other residents and public representatives about current and future concerns, needs, and developments as the area continues its growth.

SWHNA had its beginning with the filing of Articles Of Incorporation on the 4th day of April, 1995. Throughout its over 38 years of continuous operation for the betterment of our community several items are standout mile markers. They include: The Development Of Brody Park, Traffic Flow Improvements, Transportation improvements, SCRUB Day, General Meetings, National Neighborhood Night Out, Website Development, General housing developments and individual home living options, Sidewalk improvements, and the active participation and cooperation with the various City Departments where areas of common concern are addressed. Candidates for School Board Elections, State & Local Elections, and Congressional Representatives have taken part in neighborhood forums. The SWHNA is always ready to respond to community needs and opinions for improvements.

The Association has developed a broad and active membership roster over the years with a range of accomplishments and events to assist and promote the area. For example, regular input and dialogue with city representatives has been pursued to address numerous physical developments and concerns in the area. SCRUB Day, Neighborhood Night Out and Forums have been held for neighborhood enhancement and resident enjoyment. Overall, the association supports and may represent the designated neighborhood area in a variety of ways including:​

  • Advocacy
  • Public awareness and information gathering
  • Problem identification and resolution
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Positive growth initiatives and various home options.
  • Overall promotion of the area's benefits such as social networking, business development, and enjoyable recreational opportunities.

Membership meetings are held regularly in addition to monthly board meetings to provide forums for sharing information, discussing options and concerns, and planning for improvements with neighborhood residents, public officials, and other presenters with interests in the area. As specific areas of development or interest are targeted, work committees are established. Current board members are very interested in receiving ideas and/or assistance. Get involved by becoming an active member.