Augustine, Ed
Bierley, Tom & Christy
Bryce, Ed & Mary Jane
Brockelsby, Penny

Davis, George & Sandi
Davis, Mike
Davis, Toby                 Forburger,Randall & Bonnie   Frazier, Mell & Michael

Fanter, Bill & Cynde
Glodt, David & Janine
Green, Chris & Belinda
Hassel, Larry
Hill, Mark
Huppert, Mike & Sue
Hunter, Robert
Irvine, Chuck & Ann

Kirst, Dan & Gail
Mitchell, Lora

Newman, Mark
Reynolds, Tom & Kathy
Rice, Harvey
Richards, Wilma
Roberts, Beverly
Schetzsle, Brad
Seidler, Stanley & Mary

Staples, Marilyn
Van Patten, Nick

Williams, Anna

2018 Paid Members

Southwestern Hills Neighborhood Association 2018 Paid Members

Membership applications for 2018 are now being accepted. Your name will be published in the next mailed newsletter. Membership dues may be renewed at any neighborhood meeting, mailed to your neighborhood association, or paid online. New members may complete the membership application and submit dues online as well.